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Whose copyright is it when I create a story?

Yours. We just give you the platform, the tools and the methodology to create stories, games, and stories in a simple way without the need for computer skills. But the author will always be you, and that will never change.


I see there are different rates, will I have a trial period?

Yes, for two months. In the case of authors our advice is to start with the Free rate, and once you have spent enough time to feel comfortable and want to publish more stories, you can switch to the Premium rate. In the case of Educational, you have two months of testing to evaluate if it is useful for your activity before paying any kind of fee.


Can I write a story in different languages?

Yes, up to three different languages for each story. It is not necessary to write 3 equal stories, one for each language, but within the same story, T4P Studio provides you with the translation of all its texts. However, we don't want to mislead anyone. Current translation engines (Microsoft, Google, etc. ..) are not 100% reliable. As a writer, you will have to review the translation.


Will readers have to register in order to read each other's stories?

No. Readers will be able to use the options to read or play the stories anonymously, or use their Google accounts if they want to save the game and continue later. In no case will they have to register with Tell4Play. Only you, as a writer, will have to register, since you will have a private area and a T4P Studio license. You can do it with your Google user. For us privacy and security is very important, so we don't store any password and the email is stored with an external encryption tool. For more information, see our security policy.


How can I share my stories with others?

It's up to you. Through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, but also on your personal page, by mail, whatsapp, or even publishing it on the different pages and databases specialized in text-based games. Tell4Play is not a distribution network, but a story creation network.
Once you publish it, you will have a link to your story, as well as a link to your personal area with your library, which you can publish in the social networks you deem appropriate.


Is it necessary to have programming skills (PHP, JAVA, HTML ...)?

Not at all. T4P Studio is a tool for creating interactive stories in any of its modalities, which focuses on texts and decision making. The programming layer is completely transparent to the writer. In other words, you will not have to program anything at all.


Where can I find manuals or help documents about T4P Studio?

We have over 70 video tutorials and reference documents in our support center to help you create your stories. Here you will find all the information you need to get the most out of T4PStudio's features and become a true expert in creating interactive stories.

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